NZ’s Twitter bullies chalk up another win as Sean Plunket resigns from brand new job

Veteran journalist Sean Plunket has resigned from the Broadcasting Standards Authority without once sitting on the board.

The former broadcaster faced outrage after asking if “anyone else” felt for disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Speaking after his resignation, Plunket remained defiant. He did not regret the tweet and said the outrage was really just “a sadly predictable social media pile on”.

He resigned less than two weeks after he took a seat on the board, starting what was supposed to be his three-year-term. The authority’s board is responsible for ruling on official broadcasting complaints.

The BSA and Plunket issued a joint statement announcing his resignation on Friday afternoon. Plunket said earlier in the day that his future with the BSA was “up to them”. He later said the decision to resign was his, made in the interests of the authority.

“We had a discussion and I thought that in the interests of the BSA that was the best decision to make … the organisation has an important function to fulfil,” he said, adding it was disappointing he had left without once considering a broadcasting complaint.

After a career in broadcasting, journalism and most recently in political publicity, Plunket said his role on the BSA was one he had been looking forward to.

The controversial tweet was posted on Wednesday and was followed quickly by Plunket’s assertions that he thought Weinstein deserved all the scrutiny he was receiving. It was fair to say the ex-broadcaster was trolling Twitter, he agreed on Friday.

“My feelings for Weinstein are revulsion, anger and contempt,” he said.

BSA chairman Peter Radich? declined to be interviewed. His statement, issued via email, said: “We respect Sean’s decision to resign from his position on the board in the best interests of the authority.”

Plunket justified his initial comment about having sympathy for Weinstein, saying it was a “social experiment”. Despite downplaying the tweet, many Twitter users hit back, including the Ministry for Women who simply tweeted a gif of Ms Piggy saying “no” in reply.

Sean wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed when he did that tweet.? When you are about to take a job upholding media standards, you don’t really want to run guerilla experiments in social media standards before you even started the job.

I’m pissed with the BSA for flicking him on.? ?All this “best interest of the” stuff is just kowtowing to their leftie mates on Twitter and the media.? ?They don’t have the guts to stand up for free speech and instead fold at the first bit of pressure.? And this from people supposedly upholding standards!? It cuts both ways.? It also means to protect people’s rights to make fools of themselves.


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