Oh bugger, Vernon has worked it all out

Vernon Small is onto it:

Perhaps laughing was the wrong reaction.

But when various National Party courtiers started spinning the idea of a National-Green coalition I assumed they were laughing along. Even when temporary deputy prime minister Paula Bennett gave the idea legs, I assumed happy mischief was at play, rather than any serious expectation.

Then when National pollster David Farrar mooted Green Party leader James Shaw as finance minister, along with a poultice of portfolios and policy concessions, the shark had been well and truly hurdled.

I had imagined they were all toasting each other and sniggering about how they had forced it on to the agenda as a tale of Green intransigence, not National desperation, and at the same time wound up the Greens and their activists.

But even after Shaw effectively binned the idea the chat is still running inside National, though now with a tinge of regret.

It has been fun winding them up. But it is a shame that the Greens are not even open to initiating a discussion. It makes their bargaining position exceedingly weak now.

Plus we can continue the shits and giggles for three more years, they have clearly shown that the environment comes second. for them, to rampant hard left socialism.

So could it be that they were not just trying to wrong-foot Peters (that would never work anyway) or weaken his hand? Maybe they were not just trolling the Greens and testing how much influence they had (“Teal deal” ? it even rhymes; brilliant!) and how they had jerked the media’s strings.

Perhaps they were not simply trying to destabilise the Labour-Green relationship ? and hence the possibility of a deal between them and NZ First ? by zooming in on its weak spot.

What if they really believed it could happen? What if they believed an ultimate triumph of single-engined pragmatism ? you have the numbers, why not use them? ? could actually fly in 2017?

Nah, we knew they’d never go with National, we’ve just been yanking their chain, and much hilarity has been had.

What is also shows is just how pathetic the gallery is because they actually ran with this hard.