Oh, I see, everyone ELSE is a bad driver

New Zealand drivers have been labelled “lazy and dangerous” following a recent survey done by the NZ Automobile Association.

An AA Driving School survey was completed by almost 3000 AA members and questioned participants on driving habits, other road users and road safety.

The survey found that within seven days of driving 85 per cent of survey respondents saw other motorists exceed the speed limit, 64 per cent saw motorists drift out of a lane or park inconsiderately and 63 per cent say they saw someone run a red light.

More than a third of Kiwis admitted feeling unsafe while driving and most don’t have confidence in the ability of other motorists.

This is an absurd survey.   And to have the AA beating up on New Zealand drivers like this when they are supposed to be advocates for them is rather remarkable.

The reason it works is because everyone assumes the people they speak of must be someone else.

Despite a high percentage of driving misdemeanours, survey participants rated feeling safe on the road and being aware of other road users as the two most important factors when driving.

These two selections came ahead of getting to a destination on time or being courteous to other road users.

Venn said the results show a lot more work needs to be done when it comes to being courteous on the road.

“We found that of the courtesies you can show while driving, motorists appreciate being thanked with a wave or similar gesture the most.

“The problem is not enough of us are doing it, or seeing it.”

Once again we aren’t addressing the elephant in the room.  When it comes to driving, we have a huge proportion of brand new New Zealanders on the road.   The behaviour and courtesies around certain areas of the country are definitely different because of it.

We also have a ridiculous state of affairs with road works going on for years on end causing choke points on roads that would otherwise flow just fine.

As for courtesy, I see a lot of it.  There is more courtesy than discourtesy on the roads.   Which is why the survey is a load of crap.  Of course we’ve all seen someone run a red light, someone make a bad lane change and someone being discourteous.


NZ Herald


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