An opportuniddy for Ardern to lead by example

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – SEPTEMBER 23: Labour party leader Jacinda Ardern (R) and her partner Clarke Gayford (L) pose as they paint the fence of their Pt Chevalier house on September 23, 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand.? (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has a wonderful opportunity now to lead by example. As a dedicated?Socialist (her “comrade” video went viral) she can now show us how to house the homeless. I am referring of course to the Pt Chevalier house that she and her partner Gayford share that they will be vacating to move to Premier House which is the official residence of the prime minister.

Ardern will have the opportunity to rent it to one of the needy families currently housed at great government expense in a motel. Given her new much higher salary she can reduce the rent to meet their limited budget and she can experience first hand what it is like to be a landlord under Labour’s new rental policies.

I wonder which of these needy families will be lucky enough to be housed in Arderns Pt Chevalier?home? Will it be Rastaman and Tuaine Murray?

Rastaman and Tuaine Murray are staying at a motel in Otahuhu while trying to find suitable long-term accommodation.

A homeless family are being charged four-star hotel prices for a South Auckland motel while they search for permanent accommodation.

And the taxpayer is?picking up the tab.

Work and Income is paying $2200 a week for Rastaman and Tuaine Murray and their disabled 12-year-old son Kaya to stay at a motel in Otahuhu until they find suitable long-term accommodation.

They’ve been at the motel, which has a three-star rating on the website?, since December last year.


Perhaps it will be Tania Andrew who couldn’t even find a motel to house herself and her six children?

Tania Andrew is struggling to find accommodation for her six children including son Ta, 11. Photo / Jason Oxenham

Homeless mother-of-six Tania Andrew couldn’t find a motel room to stay in anywhere in Auckland yesterday.

Andrew, 36, and her six children aged from 13 to 4 have been alternating between the children’s paternal grandmother’s house and a garage in Otara which they are sharing with Andrew’s sister, the sister’s husband and their teenage son.

“I’m separated from my husband because his mum couldn’t handle us and the kids in her small little house. It’s too much for her,” Andrew said.

[…] she said the pressure of up to 10 people sleeping in the garage forced her to seek help yesterday from Auckland Action Against Poverty, which arranged an urgent appointment with Work and Income yesterday morning. She hopes they will find a motel for the family today.

-NZ Herald

Once our Prime Minister has decided on who her tenants will be and has offered them a suitably reduced weekly rental to make the housing she provides affordable she will then need to consider the additional requirements and taxes that will affect her as a landlord under a Labour-led coalition.

In her own words, she has stated that the changes will not affect landlords if they are good landlords but I think she will find that the reality of landlording will soon prove to her how wrong her words were.

Labour will ban letting fees, increase the notice period landlords have to give to kick tenants out and limit rent increases to once a year.

I hope Ardern and Gayford have the time to find tenants themselves instead of using the services of a property manager. Property managers expect to be paid for their services and if the tenant isn’t allowed to pay a letting fee then that will be another cost passed on to the landlord. Of course, most will simply increase the rent to cover it but I am sure that a caring socialist like our Prime Minister wouldn’t pass that cost on to her tenants.

It?ll also abolish ?no cause? terminations of rental tenancies […]

Ardern may find this a bit of a problem if she ends up with bad tenants and her neighbours complain about their wild parties, drug dealing or the fact that there is a Meth lab cooking in her old kitchen. “No cause” terminations are one way for landlords to avoid a confrontation with difficult tenants and also a way to protect the people who complained about them from repercussions during the notice period.