Pest feast sounds delicious, apart from the fact it is in Wellington

This sounds positively delicious, it almost made me want to go to it until I saw it was in Wellington:

New Zealand’s pests are being turned into mouth-watering morsels for Conservation Week.

Wellington’s Harbourside Market will be home to wallaby sausage rolls, fennel gelato, pine bark sourdough and wild venison burgers until next Sunday.

This year’s Conservation Week theme is “love your backyard” and the capital is getting on board with its very own Pest Feast.

Some got slightly carried away by their culinary experiences and took the theme to heart.
They somewhat jokingly considered hunting local possums to create their own pest snacks.

But the experts certainly had things in hand.

Wallaby in a blanket turned out to be a favorite at the market with all 50 being sold by midday.

A stuffed wallaby was placed next to the pie warmer for special effect.

Wellington City Council biosecurity technical advisor Illona Keenan said there were two key populations of wallabies in New Zealand, one in the Bay of Plenty and one in Canterbury.

“They’re a herbivore, so they’re a pest because they eat the understorey of forests”, she said.

Other best sellers included wild banana passionfruit and chocolate crowns and pine bark sourdough by Shelly Bay Baker.

Baker James Dwight said they first had to gather the pine bark, then dry it out and mill it into a flour.

“It’s an intense process”, he said.

Keenan said pine trees were a pest because they were taking over riverbeds in the South Island and areas in Wellington where native forest wasn’t already established.

Punter Matt O’Connor had done the rounds at the market trying the Wallaby in a blanket, venison croquette and wild venison burger.

I eat venison all the time, in fact it is the most consumed meat in our household. We have mince, sausages, steaks. A mate has also donated some wild pork recently.

The wallaby sounds delicious, and now I have a mate who has a farm with hordes of wallabies all over it I can see that filling up the freezer…a couple of tiny back steaks and sets of back wheels at a time.

I think brining some legs and turning them into smoked hams might be a delicious way to eat wallaby.


-NZ Herald


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