Pike River Re-entry Minister Andrew Little sets a tentative Pike re-entry deadline

Photo / Michael Craig

The minister responsible for re-entry into Pike River, Andrew Little, hopes to get people in to the mine by April next year. …

The previous government had maintained getting people into the mine was too dangerous.

Mr Little told Newhub’s The AM Show today that he had two comprehensive reports and he believes manned entry is entirely achievable.

“There are risks – but there’s risks [in] doing anything.

“So lets clear all that stuff out of the way, lets look at what we know is there, what we know that the technology and the science tells us is possible, and work up that plan.”

Mr Little said he was still to meet with the different technical experts to fully understand the situation, but hoped to get people into the mine by March or April next year.

Winston may not be so keen to have it hurried along, seeing as he said he wanted to be the first person to enter the mine.

On the other hand, it will be good to get some progress.? I’m sick to the back teeth of the perennially outraged like Bernie Monk thinking his 29 people are somehow worthy of this level of government commitment when we lose that many people on the roads every four weeks or so.

It’s not about disrespect.? It is about perspective.

The fact we even have a minister with a dedicated portfolio is just beyond ridiculous.