Political reporters with no politics to report on. Part 2

If you have nothing new to say, then why write an article about it?  We’re three weeks in and we’re still making it up as we go along.   I’m taking some pleasure from watching professional journalists try day after day to make something about absolutely nothing.

Here’s Audrey’s attempt du jour

Today is probably definitely the day.

If it isn’t, it will probably definitely be tomorrow.

And if it isn’t, that’s probably the time to start worrying about any holdup in forming a Government.

But even then, it will only be a matter of time.

Five days negotiating and two days deliberating is not a delay in any language.

There may be a lot of substance to debate if the two agreements with National and Labour are sufficiently equivalent in serious policy concessions.

Much of the outrage over the “waiting” is really displaced frustration that the election delivered New Zealand First any power at all – with or without 7.2 per cent of the vote.


Feel better informed now?


– Audrey Young, NZ Herald



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