The most politically incorrect movie to be released since” Blazing Saddles” is “Special Unit”

The comedian who wrote ‘Special Unit”, Christopher Titus had to fight for years to get his film made. Every motion picture studio he approached agreed that his script was incredibly funny but they were all too concerned about pushback from SJW’s because it uses actual disabled actors.

pilot show was filmed many years ago for a possible TV series long before Titus finally got his movie made.

What so many people fail to understand about brilliant comedy like “Blazing Saddles” and “Special Unit’ is that the very people the SJW’s think are being made fun of are actually turning the tables in both movies and the message about them is overwhelmingly positive.

The politically correct are so afraid of offending people that they are costing disabled actors work because they assume condescendingly that the only reason that disabled actors are cast in a role is so that they can be made fun of.

Until “Special Unit” and “Game of Thrones” the public mainly saw actors with Dwarfism for example in roles as fantasy characters like elves or in fantasy movies like The Hobbit. In ‘Special Unit” the woman with dwarfism is a kick arse assertive and capable police officer who cynically uses people’s discomfort to her and her teams advantage.

Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones is my favourite character in the entire series. His acting is superb and he plays his character in a way that allows all of us to identify with him in one way or the other.

“Special Unit” was released in theatres in 2016 and is now available online for rent.


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