Rotorua MP wades in late, triggers Streisand and even is “outraged”

I had to facepalm to see another grown-up being taken in by the Shit Towns of New Zealand Facebook page.

Rotorua MP Todd McClay says the idea that Rotorua is the second-worst town in the country is ridiculous and offensive.

The people behind the S**t towns of New Zealand Facebook page were idiots, the MP and caretaker Trade Minister said.

“In fact their comments are offensive and the authors should apologise.”

The anonymous creator of the page has received nearly 20 death threats since starting the page two years ago.

Many of these death threats were from people in Cromwell, which the page’s creator deemed the country’s worst town.

Posts on the page described Rotorua as “New Zealand’s toilet” and claimed the city smelled like a toilet.

You can see politicians are twitching to say something in public.  Anything at all.   What an embarrassment for Rotorua to have an MP give any of this a serious response.

Worse, ex-Labour MP mayor of Rotorua takes the high road on this:

Mayor Steve Chadwick was less concerned than Mr McClay by the page’s claims.

“We shouldn’t take this seriously. We know Rotorua’s a great place.”

And instead of being offended, freshly minted MP-to-be Tamati Coffey hits right to the heart of the matter:  Rotorua smells of MONEY

Newly-elected Waiariki MP Tamati Coffey said people came a long way to visit Rotorua and experience the smell.

“It is New Zealand’s most scented town that visitors pay a lot of money to come across the world for.”

Todd McClay needs to put himself on the naughty step for embarrassing himself, Rotorua and most thinking adults.


– NZ Herald


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