Rule of law subverted by violent ”peace” protestors

Guest Post

A lawful auction was called off yesterday due to what can only be described as threats of violence from so called peace protestors.

The police recommended that the auction be called off because they could not protect auction goers from the actions of a loud, noisy minority who threaten and enact civil disobedience and blatant law breaking in order to bring about closure of events that they disagree with.   

The venue was also targeted despite having hosted the same event for more than 20 years with no issues whatsoever. The main stream media stoked the flames by highlighting an inaccurate perspective which fed right into the hands of the social media bullies. In fact the mainstream media used and baited the violent peace protesters to get a story in much the same way as a fisherman may use blood to attract sharks.

They succeeded, the pressure on the organiser meant that he cancelled the auction, went to ground and pulled his website. The next step will be a targeting of the venue owners by the mainstream media because the story has died and they will be looking for a follow up of “how could they…” proportions. Naturally the MSM will use a slant in their story that will fan the flames of the Social media bullies yet again.

This means a peaceful lawful auction with more than 20years history is irrevocably changed perhaps even ended.

They have Won!

Where did this happen? Wellington, New Zealand. Not in Britain, not in the USA where social justice warriors are organised into violent lawless groups like BLM and AntiFa.

Where were the NZ police to protect the rule of law?

How will this act embolden violent protests to the point that other lawful activities in NZ are changed forever?

Is it time to get tough on violent “peace” protestors?


-Ashley C. Author at The Wild


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