Run Cindy, RUN!

via Stuff, Kai Schwoerer

The expectations of Labour and Jacinda personally are huge.  It doesn’t help that she talks of the “First 100 days” and “legislation already drafted”.

Jacinda Ardern has won the election, but it’s what she does between now and the end of the year that will set the tone for her Government for the year ahead.

Ardern spent the weekend cloistered with her advisers and kitchen Cabinet allocating portfolios and nailing down the details of coalition agreements. She is not sworn in as prime minister till Thursday so understandably kept a low profile.

But once installed, Ardern will have to move with urgency to bed in her Government and make the most of the honey moon period.

Basically, she needs to lock everything down before anyone can stop her.  She must blitz-krieg Winston specifically.  

The first step will be a rolling maul of policies – Labour’s 100 day plan includes free tertiary education, banning overseas property speculators, implementing Labour’s family support package, increasing the minimum wage and getting started on a clean water package.

But urgency should also be given to drawing up terms of reference for Labour’s tax working group, so there is total transparency about what’s on the table and what’s off.

Labour’s woolliness about tax damaged it badly on the campaign trial and it does not want that to carry over into Government or into the Christmas break and barbecue season.

The wooliness about tax is now moot.  They can implement them all – Winston willing.  Water bottlers can take a new tax as read.  Property owners can expect to hand Capital Gains to the Labour government.   And the rest of us can expect to pay for the Carbon Zero fairy tale.

Tax season is on!   Jacinda needs to get them all into legislation before the magic spell wears off.


– Tracy Watkins, Stuff


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