I sense a disturbance in the Blogosphere

Feelings are running high right now and a couple of political blogs are currently facing some moderating challenges.

A comment was posted on Kiwiblog saying:

I believe in eliminating terrorism. Winston is a political and economic terrorist. He has held the country to ransom, and is obfuscating on everything. His assassination would not be something I would shed a tear over. I have time for Jacinda, and the greens (even though I oppose most of their policies), as they have been open and transparent. But Winston is a despicable, narcissistic individual. Emperor Nero comes to mind as a close comparison. Sometimes the elimination of a clear and present danger is a neccesity for the survival of a reasonable society. Assassination may be a step too far, but a society has to protect itself from these types of individual gaining power. Ask the Russians, Germans, North Koreans.

The Standard has been forced to deal with similar comments.

Oh, we have only just begun, Ian. We have only just begun, The Second October Revolution has taken place, You have lost all right to complain when you have made the choice to poison your communities water supply to ensure a boost in your profit margin. As far as I?m concerned, you deserve everything you get.

[lprent: You really need to read moderator warnings. Implied threats are still threats. Banned for two weeks. ]


OK. if they want to kill WP, then perhaps?[deleted]

They will probably be looking at about 10-20 years in Paremoremo. But seeing as they think its a 5-star luxury hotel with silver service, should be all good.

[lprent: Suggestions of illegal acts is actually a crime. Could you calm the fuck down before I have to make you? ]

I was particularly interested to note this comment and the moderator’s response.

This is sick, and it?s a right-wing problem, not a left-wing problem (well not here in New Zealand), that?s inherent to the anti-democratic mind-set they espouse.

[lprent: It isn?t just a right-wing problem. It gets moderated out here pretty fast and long bans are often issued. Partly because most advocation of violence are offences against some of NZ?s laws, but mostly because it adds absolutely nothing to any national debate, robust or polite. Which is pretty clear when you read the sewer where the moderation is sporadic, lackadaisical and professionally inept. Even Whaleoil is better these days. ]

It is nice to note that even our enemies admit that Whaleoil has professional moderation in place. If Kiwiblog ever closes down David Farrar’s audience will descend?en masse on Whaleoil. I can see that there will have to be a fair bit of work on our part to educate them on how to comment responsibly.