Shhh. Don’t tell Phil Goff, but Aucklanders donated nearly $1m in 30 days

Nearly $1 million worth of speeding fines have been issued at Auckland’s Waterview Tunnels in a little over one month.

Police operate four speed cameras at the twin 2.4km long tunnels, one at each entrance and exit.

Figures given to Checkpoint under the Official Information Act show 9756 fines worth $948,220 total were issued between 21 July, when the cameras were turned on, and 31 August.

That works out to about 0.6 percent of the 1,520,767 vehicles that travelled through the tunnels in that period.

0.6% of drivers fail the most basic stupidity test then.  The cameras aren’t hidden.  The speed limit is clearly posted.  

The figures also show the number of people using the tunnels has plummeted.

At the start of August, Transport Minister Simon Bridges said more than two million people had used the tunnels in the first month.

People don’t see the up-side:  the real good news is that there is a place on the Auckland motorway system you can actually speed!

The only thing that concerns me is that Phil Goff will want to get his greasy mitts all over this “revenue” stream.   He’s so desperate for money, I wouldn’t be surprised if he asks for special legislation to start an Auckland City Lottery.




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