Should we reform MMP?

Loads of people will now be calling for a reform of MMP, especially after a government was formed with a coalition of losers.

I campaigned twice for FPP, so you would think that I would now be in favour of reforming MMP.

I am not. ??

That boat has sailed, and we won’t ever get a chance to reform it. Nor should we.

MMP has worked well and as intended. It is just that Bill English and National in particular haven’t used it particularly well.

National supporters can complain all they like…don’t think for a minute that Labour supporters wouldn’t be complaining about MMP if Labour had lost.

The bottom line is this, though, since 1996 National’s MMP strategy has been to eat all competition. They rejected the plans of my father, who went to Germany to study MMP to split the party into smaller but mutually supporting parties to maximise the vote in both rural and urban areas. National went the other way instead. They systematically destroyed their support partners until they became the biggest party in the land.

They still are the biggest party, and how did that work out for them?

Bill English went into the election stating he wanted to form a government with existing support partners. Peter Dunne got squirrelly and bolted, the Maori party got shanked and Act has effectively ceased to exist.

Consequently National, the biggest party, lost. It deserved to.

National has failed to cultivate support parties, in fact they were hostile to NZ First since forever. Whoever the genius was who thought it a good idea to leak Winston’s super details should be buried in a nameless plot or fed to the pigs.

Do we hear calls to change the rules of rugby the few times the All Blacks lose? Of course not. Nor should we.

Only abject losers call for rule changes when they can’t win.

National simply needs to get better at MMP. They need to end the cult of personality that developed, despite my warnings, under John Key, and carried on under Bill English.

And seriously, yes that means you too dear readers, need to start understanding that politicians are not infallible, mostly they are scumbags, almost without exclusion they are liars…but they most certainly are not gods.

MMP is just fine, and let this election result be a lesson to you about how you can win and then lose.

I am not in favour of reforming MMP, I am in favour of playing smarter with existing rules.