The slippery slope is real, now they are coming for your soy latte decaf mochaccino in a recyclable cup

The slippery slope is real, now they are coming for your soy latte decaf mochaccino in a recyclable cup:

Coffee in California is going to be given cigarette treatment if a nonprofit organisation gets its way, and it’s “ridiculous”, a New Zealand?expert says.

The organisation has called?for coffee to be labelled as having a cancer risk, because of hazardous chemical acrylamide?lingering in the cup.

The suit came from?the Council for Education and Research on?Toxics (CERT), which claimed?companies ignored a law requiring a warning of hazardous chemicals.?Acrylamide?is?produced in small amounts during the coffee roasting process, and is also found in potato chips and French fries. Any food cooked over 120 degrees celsius can contain traces.

It is ridiculous, but if you stand up these numpties and are effective at standing up to them then they use lawfare to try and silence you. Industry are gutless too as they won’t stand up to them, preferring the failed tactics of the tobacco industry of appeasement. Plain packaging on coffee will come up in short order.

Different types of coffee have varying concentrations however, depending on how it’s roasted or prepared.

“They have found that instant coffee appears to be the major culprit. That’s got levels of 200 to 500 parts per billion, and that translates to around about .2 milligrams per kilogram, which is a pretty darn small amount.”

The upper limit for human consumption, according to the US Food and Drink Administration, is .2 micrograms per kilogram of weight, per day, he says.

“You would have to be drinking essentially half a kilogram of coffee per day, which seems like an awful lot to me.”

It is possible to purge acrylamide from coffee, but that would likely mean coffee would be taken out too.

“We’re talking such ridiculously low levels, that it seems at those levels it wouldn’t do harm.”

You’d die of sleep deprivation and drowning before you could drink enough coffee to expose yourself to the cancer risk. This is where these fools are really taking the piss…and an idiot media trots out their “science” as though it is real.

The sooner the Socialist Republic of California secedes from the United States of America the better.