How to tell if someone is a Leftard

They say that they believe that eating animals is unethical but attend Vegan events wearing leather boots.

They say that they believe in racial and gender equality but happily discriminate against white men.

They say that they want to crush racism and attempt to do it by discriminating against white people.

They fight climate change by driving for hours to climate change rallies in their beat-up old car that spews carbon monoxide fumes into the atmosphere.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – SEPTEMBER 23: Labour party leader Jacinda Ardern (R) and her partner Clarke Gayford (L) pose as they paint the fence of their Pt Chevelier house (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

They believe that the world shouldn’t have borders and that people should be able to go wherever they want but build a nice big fence around their own property to keep others out.

They are adamant that Socialism is a fairer system and call everyone who disagrees with them a Nazi.

They believe that being politically correct and not offending minorities is more important than protecting vulnerable children.

Animal cruelty disgusts them but they support Halal slaughter because they want their friends to think that they are tolerant of other cultures.

They love democracy but only when it delivers the outcome they want.

They are an outspoken supporter of gay rights but they support and defend the ideology of Islam which persecutes and executes people for being gay.




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