We didn’t do this

There has been a lot of blame being passed around and wailing and gnashing of teeth regarding the election result but consider for a moment that we didn’t do this.

Here is my analogy. The two largest parties are two gunslingers facing off in the main street. In the old days under FPP they would fire off all their bullets at each other until only one was left standing. The townspeople supplied the bullets so the most popular gunslinger of the two always had the best chance of winning.

Under MMP the townspeople have to think about supplying other cowboys with bullets so that they can assist the two main gunslingers. Two cowboys who were genuine sidekicks made it very clear which gunslinger they were supporting so people felt safe giving them bullets but one got so few bullets that he was shot and killed before he could provide any covering fire for his favoured gunslinger. One old cowboy was needed badly by both gunslingers. In fact, everyone knew that without his help neither gunslinger could win. The old cowboy was very upfront with the townspeople and said that he would decide on the day which gunslinger he would supply with the bullets the townspeople had given him. He said he would talk to both men before the gunfight to see which gunslinger he thought was the best choice to protect the town.

Most people assumed that the old cowboy would give his bullets to the gunslinger who had the most bullets although some pointed to his past history and said that he could go either?way. Some felt confident that the gunslinger they supported would be able to convince him to give him the bullets but others worried that the gunslinger had treated the old cowboy badly in the past and that history might affect the negotiation.

When the old cowboy made his decision?everyone was shocked as he handled over the ammunition to the gunslinger with the least bullets who cried out ” We did this!” and then shot the other gunslinger through the heart.

The point of my analogy is that the end result of this years election was out of our control. We were very much the middlemen. All we could do was put votes ammunition in the hands of those we thought best able to achieve what we wanted. Once side kicks support partners were added to the mix by MMP our control over exactly where those bullets would go and how effective they would be disappeared. How well the politicians negotiated was not something?that we could influence in any way. All we could do was to deal our favoured political party the best hand possible and hope for the best.

We didn’t do this.

NZ First, Winston Peters, the National party, Bill English, the Labour party, Jacinda Ardern, the Green party and James Shaw did this and they did it with the cards bullets votes we as the New Zealand public dealt them. All we could do was to arm them, the rest was down to them.