For all you Whaleoil cat lovers out there

We love all our Whaleoilers even if they wear lycra, ride bikes and adore fluffy kittens and cats. We aim to offend everyone equally but this weekend I decided to do a post just for the cat lovers amongst you. It all started with this video that popped up on my facebook page. It is for the cat lover who already has everything. I bet you didn’t know that you also needed this.

But wait there’s more…

You can now get your cat’s DNA Tested and find out whether they are a product of cousin shagging.


You can spoil them with one of these flower water fountain gizmos.

If they don’t drown in it you can spend the rest of your hard earned cash on a cat carrier because it is not like God gave them four legs for a reason.

What have you bought for your kitty cat lately?

Do you spoil it rotten?