A Whaleoil a day keeps the doctor away

Death to the flies, death to the roaches and death to pink eye?

Herbalist Trevor Sayers says he has found a way to get rid or get ‘raid’ of all pink eye.

In response, the Ministry of Health has advised – DO NOT DO IT!

In a recent post on social media, Sayers said: ?You can prevent pink eye by spraying insecticide all over your body and rubbing some around your eye area. He also added some other household ingredients to the mix.

In the video, Sayers sprays himself and an infant boy with the contents of an aerosol can.

Some might say is this a joke?

It is not for Sayers.

What if you don’t have a can of RAID handy?

?A lot of people are getting pink eye. I want to make a medicine for it. A spoon of honey, a spoon of charcoal and a spoon of whale oil,? he said via a post on his Facebook page.

Sayers put all the ingredients into a small cup, mixed it and ingested it. He then went on to say if you have pink eye, this spray (an insecticide) is very good. You can even spray it in your eye it doesn’t burn.

The video which is just over three minutes long has garnered over 94,000 views almost 2000 shares and over 400 comments. From people seeking medical advice and others warning viewers to see a professional.

The Express spoke to Sayers via telephone and asked, do you think you are putting people’s lives at risk with your remedy for pink eye?

He said, ?What products there (on the video) are dangerous??

What about people who say your products do not work, how do you feel about that?

?People say all kinds of things. Anybody who say it don’t work saying God don’t work,? he said.

Despite Sayers strong convictions about his remedy for pink eye, the Ministry of Health in a press release last week stated the Ministry of Health has noted that certain individuals have circulated reports on social media indicating that conjunctivitis (‘red eye’) can be treated with aerosolised insecticides. The Ministry of Health advises that there is no scientific merit to this claim. As such, these products should be used according to the directions of the manufacturer.

When a “herbalist” recommends spraying some RAID into your eye, you just know he’s strayed from the True Path.? ?Not too many fly spray aerosols growing in the wild.


Trinidad Express