Whaleoil wants you to vote for bird of the year

The Green Party have too much time on their hands and have made a silly video about which bird they think should be New Zealand’s bird of the year. If that is our tax dollars at work I am not at all impressed. They don’t want us to vote for the Kea as that will split the ” flappy vote”

Personally, I intend to vote for the black robin because #Blackbirdsmatter 

Some Whaleoilers don’t want to support the Green Party choice of the Kereru on principle and want you all to vote for the Kea instead.

Voting is now open for Bird of the Year 2017.

What many people don’t know is that most of New Zealand’s unique native birds are in trouble. A third are at risk of becoming extinct if nothing is done to protect them. Their habitats have been destroyed and introduced mammalian predators such as stoats, possums, and rats kill their eggs, young, birds, and even adults.

Lend your voice to help New Zealand birds by supporting Bird of the Year – with your vote, your voice, or a donation.

Voting closes on Monday 23 October at 5pm.

The winning bird will be announced on RNZ’s morning report on Tuesday 24 October at 9am. […]

I think that the Kea would make a great Whaleoil mascot.

Photo by Craig McKenzie

Kea are unashamedly reckless. Whether they are testing your car, your brand new alpine tent or your lunch, they certainly make themselves known. Their cheeky antics and curious behaviour often lands them in a whole lot of trouble, landing them the notorious title of ‘clown of the mountains’.

Kea are social, raucous, colourful, bold and highly intelligent. But they are now becoming conspicuous by their absence with some reports suggesting they are declining in the wild. Aside from threats such as human foods and materials, traffic, lead poisoning, hunting and illegal wildlife trading, kea are threatened by some of the very things that are set up to help protect them, like predator traps.

Please vote kea and help raise awareness of this wonderful, precious mountain parrot – a truly iconic South Island species.

You can vote for your favourite New Zealand bird here.



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If you agree with me that’s nice but what I really want to achieve is to make you question the status quo. Look between the lines, do your own research. Do not be a passive observer in this game we call life.