Why you read Whaleoil

Cameron Slater Journalist/blogger Tel Aviv beach

Whaleoil is against pomposity, the arrogance of the elite, intellectual bullying, creeping Sharia, the snowflake generation and its enablers and the lying, manipulative MSM.

If you are a middle-aged, straight, white male you are sick and tired of being told that you are privileged and the cause of all evil.

Many of you feel under siege and shake your heads in sheer disbelief at the absurdity of  PC culture. One day it is Dr Seuss and the next day you are told that wool is cruelty.

Then there’s the insanity of Islamic indoctrination. You can see what is happening in Europe, America and our close neighbour Australia. You worry as we do that if New Zealand doesn’t do something and soon we will suffer the same fate as most of Europe.

Whaleoil is your champion. It is the only New Zealand media that will articulate your beliefs, fears and hopes and does so in a way that entertains and engages while antagonising the establishment.

Support your champion.

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