Winston has a point

Winston Peters has a point:

NZ First leader Winston Peters has hit back at people who claim he wields all the power with only 7 per cent of the vote, saying they are “entirely wrong”.

Peters and the NZ First MPs have spent the day in a caucus meeting which was expected to go until late in the evening. He said the suggestion he held all the power was wrong.

“That sort of statement is supercilious in the extreme. The Government right now lasted this term with three other partners that had between 3-5 per cent of the vote between them. No one was making that claim back then. So they should be half-way consistent and stop making that claim now.”

Peters said he still believed it was possible to deliver a new government by October 12 and the caucus meeting was part of the work to meet that target. He will hold preliminary talks with National leader Bill English and Labour leader Jacinda Ardern later this week – likely on Thursday. However, he has refused to start in-depth talks until after more than 300,000 special votes are counted on Saturday.

That leaves just five days before he believes he can deliver his decision.

He said there was no reason that could not be done. “That’s the target date. We think it’s possible and we are just going through all the work we need to do in preparation for that.”

I don’t know why people moan about it. Voters have twice had the chance to ditch MMP and they have failed to do so. Live with it.


The Media party, thwarted by voters yet again, are intent on now trying to manipulate negotiations.

Half of the problem in NZ politics is the Media party. They want to be players without the horrible inconvenience of getting themselves elected.


-NZ Herald