Most women believe not getting pregnant is the best solution

Guest Post

What no-one appears to be taking into account is how the world is changing in other ways which effects the decisions being made. It is the same decision, but a different world.

In my youth we set up SOS, Sisters Overseas as I recall, to assist sending New Zealand women to Australia for abortions. In those days if you were an unmarried Mum you were sent to the other end of the country to give birth and never saw the child again. The treatment of the Mothers in the pre birth hostels like Bethany etc was cruel and medieval.  In 1960 in the Maternity hospital there was a locked door between the married and unmarried mothers and their babies so that everyone was protected from the evils of illegitimate pregnancy.  (Queen Mary in Dunedin).   

The Pill had just been invented, but was not carefully refined as it is now. That era is marketed as the time of sexual freedom, but believe me many women were very sick from the Pill – the hormones were almost as bad as morning sickness for some.

My doctor refused to fit me with an IUD without my Mother’s written permission, and was most put out when she gave it to me with enthusiasm.

Nowadays our choices are much wider, and there is no condemnation if you choose to keep the baby. There is the morning after pill which minimizes the risk and a state to look after you if you choose to keep the child. Very few women I know think abortion is a good solution, but understand that sometimes it is necessary, and when it is, we want it to be without anger, distress and hate. Most women believe not getting pregnant is the best solution – and it is easier than ever to achieve.  And the joy of that is that nowadays it doesn’t mean no sex, which used to be the alternative.

The article referred to on Whale Oil has so many “straw men (or women)” that I can’t really be bothered going through all of them.


-Frances Denz MNZM


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