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paroxysm (noun) – 1. A sudden outburst of emotion or action.
2. (a) A sudden attack, recurrence, or intensification of a disease.
(b) A spasm or fit; a convulsion.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : “Sudden attack, convulsion,” early 15th century, from Middle French paroxysme (16th century), earlier paroxime (13th century), from Medieval Latin paroxysmus “irritation, fit of a disease,” from Greek paroxysmos “irritation, exasperation,” from paroxynein “to irritate, goad, provoke,” from para- “beyond” + oxynein “sharpen, goad,” from oxys “sharp, pointed” (from PIE root *ak- “be sharp, rise (out) to a point, pierce” ). Non-medical sense first attested c. 1600.

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