I wouldn’t name the board either the media are just being obnoxious assholes

The media are baying to know who is on NZ First’s board, so are some of our readers.

Frankly, it is self-interest on the part of the media, some more raw meat they can go and hound into an early grave by door-stepping them.

I’m with Winston on this:

Winston Peters is refusing to identify the members of the New Zealand First board who’ll decide the next government, while confirming a coalition decision won’t be made before Saturday at the earliest.

Peters said the board members had a right to privacy.

“New Zealand First values our board members’ privacy,” he said.

The NZ First leader has also confirmed he will breach his own deadline of a decision today – and indicated it’s unlikely there will be a decision before Saturday at the earliest.

Peters has been at pains to note that the party’s board, not just himself, will decide who the party will form a coalition government with.

He claimed New Zealand First values transparency “but we also value an individual’s privacy especially when they volunteer their services.”

“They are not politicians but New Zealanders who believe in the party and wish to make a contribution to the decision-making process.

“They give up their valuable spare time to take part in board meetings and attend to other matters, and we are grateful for that.

“By putting their name forward to serve on the board they do not expect to have their privacy invaded and to become public figures. This privacy extends to all party members.”

On his way into a meeting with Labour, Peters bridled at a question about why the NZ First board had not been prepared in advance to meet as soon as talks wound up.

“Please don’t have these stupid, mindless arguments about the board. The board needed to know at a certain time when they could possible meet.

“We are working on their agendas, their timetables, where they live, the bookings and those types of things.”

“We are doing this in the breathtaking time we possibly can do it.”

Having had weeks of media standing on my doorstep demanding answers, frankly, they can get stuffed.

All the media want to do is perp walk each and every board member hounding them for an answer, hoping one makes a mistake.

You have to wonder though why vigils aren’t being set up outside key Green party members’ houses as after all 75% of their membership has to agree.

Or why there are no media camped outside Peter Goodfellow’s house, because National’s board has to agree to any deal too…it’s in their constitution.

Frankly, the demands of readers and media alike in thinking you can have a say over who is on the board and who is not is plain ridiculous.

We have MMP as a system, I opposed, I lost that argument so we move on. It is the system, it isn’t going to change, ever…so live with it. If you don’t like it or didn’t like it you should have done something more than just vote to stop it. I at least involved myself in a campaign.

But then that is the New Zealand problem…we want everyone else to fight our battles for us. Well, I for one am sick of fighting other people’s battles. At the moment I am rather sick of the ungrateful people out there who carp and moan and complain that I don’t say what they want me to say.

You can do something, like I do, or do nothing like most people do. There is a price to pay for doing something and the board members of NZ First are finding that out right now.

I dare say a good portion of readers would run a mile if asked to walk even 10 feet in my shoes. So live with the system, you’ve had two chances to get rid of it, you failed.


-NZ Herald


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