You flee, you die

Some more fools have croaked after trying to flee Police:

All five people involved in a Monday morning  crash that killed two during a police chase were believed to be friends, Auckland police said.

A car carrying five people slammed into a tree in the suburb of St Lukes around 1am on Monday, during the police pursuit.

Detective Inspector Scott Beard said it was too early to say if alcohol was involved with the smash, which also left three males, including the driver, with serious injuries.

The dead were a 25-year-old woman and a 29-year-old man. Both were from Auckland and were rear seat passengers.

The three men remain in Auckland City Hospital in serious condition, Beard said.

Some friends…running from cops has killed two of them. No doubt we will hear soon enough that the fools were paragons of virtue who are model citizens.

Tree versus Car the tree always wins.

Police initially spotted the vehicle speeding at about 130kmh in an 80kmh zone on the nearby northwestern motorway.

Once a police motorway patrol car caught up to the vehicle, a pursuit began, he said.

The vehicle left the motorway at St Lukes Rd and while overtaking another vehicle opposite the Kings Plant Barn crashed into the tree near the road’s intersection with Asquith Ave.

Beard said the police car was about 300 metres behind the fleeing vehicle when the crash happened.

“Police have had to deal with the consequences of the car spinning out of control into a tree,” Beard said.

“We need to stop people fleeing from police – it’s a risk to communities, passengers and police staff, we  now have two families suffering tragedy.”

I wonder what Labour’s police spokesman is going to say now…they are in charge now. They’ve normally been very vocal about police pursuits.

In my mind however it is easy…these deaths were preventable if only the fool had stopped when asked to by Police his friends would still be alive.




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