November 2017

Thursday Nightcap

A man and his dog have an adventure

Tech Thursday – a major milestone in the use of driver-less cars

Waymo, which is the company that became Google Alphabets’s driverless technology business, has released a large number of Chrysler minivans around the streets of a quite large area in Phoenix, Arizona. The milestone is that these are the first such cars not to require a “safety driver” in the front seat – they are completely autonomous and learn as they go.
Soon, they will start to be used for ride-sharing and people will be able to hail or call one of these cars and get it to take them wherever they want to go. Think Uber but without a driver to offer you a mint or some warm water.

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#1 Rock song 1990-2017

AMAZING street food and skills: Super human level

Daily Roundup

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The casual racism of the Left is everywhere

Casual racism is everywhere and the most insidious racism comes from so-called progressive thinkers on the left. Apart from genuine bigots, your average conservative is more interested in a person’s character and achievements when considering their suitability for a position whereas the Left sadly seem far too keen to tick diversity boxes and get excited about a person for all the wrong reasons.
Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane on Suits.

Exhibit (A) in support of my argument is the fiance of the UK’s Prince Harry, actress Meghan Markle.

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Whaleoil History Channel: Posts from the Vault

This offensive little gem is from  2015
Headline: Whatever you do, don’t take him to a Green party conference
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