Abbott’s Sister Cops a Dose of Intersectionality

Christine Forster, Sydney councillor and sister of former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, got a sharp lesson in “intersectionality” on Friday night.

Tony Abbott’s sister Christine Forster has spoken of her fear as she was attacked by an angry group of protesters who surrounded her and her partner outside a Liberal Party fundraiser.

Ms Forster, a councillor for the City of Sydney, had her jacket torn to shreds and was subjected to verbal abuse as she tried to enter the Australian Technology Park in Sydney’s Redfern on Friday night.

“Intersectionality”, an idea spun by radical feminists in the 1990s, forms the theoretical basis for the Victim Totem Pole politics that dominates leftist thinking today.

Christine Forster has had a charmed run as the darling of the left in Australia because, even though she is one of the wicked conservatives, she also became a leftist icon: the gay-marriage-campaigning, lesbian antithesis of arch-conservative ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

But, as Forster rudely found out, on the left’s Victim Totem Pole, a gay-marryin’ woman is way below Muslim asylum-seekers.

The protest was organised by the Refugee Action Coalition Sydney over the treatment of refugees on Manus Island and saw some of the 200-strong crowd clash with police and other fundraiser guests in violent scenes.

As leftists will, the protesters reacted to sight of Tony Abbott’s sister with their usual display of peaceful tolerance.

“It was extraordinary, it was a riot with people screaming in our faces, trying to spit at us, trying to punch us,” Ms Forster said.

“They were going absolutely berserk.”

Christine Forster arrives at the Liberal Party fundraiser amid protesters. Picture: Jeremy Piper

And, of course, there’s no show without Punch:

Among the crowd of protesters was Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon, who spoke at the event and later tweeted her delight.

Well, she would, wouldn’t she? Rhiannon was an old-school Communist, staunchly pro-Soviet, right until the end. Maybe she thought she was taking part in some sort of centenary re-enactment of the October Revolution.

Senator Rhiannon later defended the protesters, instead blaming police.

Yep, those wicked rozzers – they forced those poor, innocent protesters to attack a middle-aged woman and her partner.

– The Australian


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