Another city to make cat declawing illegal

Cat owners have been sold a pup thinking a declawed cat would be the responsible thing to do if you want to stop Tiger from decimating the local bird population.

The Denver City Council on Monday night moved to make Denver the first U.S. city outside of California to ban the practice of removing cats’ claws. Council members voted unanimously in favor of the proposal at its first reading, all but guaranteeing its passage.

The ban would make it illegal to declaw cats if there isn’t a specific medical reason, such as a tumor or a malformed paw. Supporters of the ban said the procedure is the same as amputation, but some medical professionals said that the decision should be left to doctors and cat owners.

The maximum fine for violating the proposed ban would be $999, and jail time is possible but unlikely, according to city staff. It could go into effect by the end of the year.

Jennifer Conrad of The Paw Project spoke in favor of the ban. Over the course of 20 years, she has convinced several cities in California, including Los Angeles, to ban the practice. Several states where similar bills are under consideration were watching Denver’s actions, she said.

However, some veterinarians have come out against the ban, saying it’s a decision best left for doctors and clients.

“A veterinarian acts as an advocate of both the animal and the animal’s human handler,” said Casara Andre. She said that modern technology could minimize pain and that the operation could keep cats in homes.

Members of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association generally oppose the idea of a ban, even though they said they also oppose the practice of declawing.

Association President Will French said that some owners may euthanize a cat if declawing is not an option. He compared it to abortion — “a choice to be made between a doctor and a patient.”

Well, if cat declawing is to be compared to an abortion, perhaps nothing more needs to be said.  As readers know, I have no love for cats, but I also do not believe in making animals suffer.

I couldn’t find it covered in the public material available at the New Zealand’s Veterinarians Association, but they are against the removal of dog’s dew claws, so by extension, I suspect the practice of declawing cats is infinitesimal in our country.


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