Where was Archbishop Philip Richardson’s condemnation of Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib?

Anglican Archbishop Philip Richardson has come out publicly saying that Brian Tamaki’s anti-gay comments are  ‘unacceptable’ but where was his condemnation of Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib? Where was his condemnation of Auckland Shia Muslim leader Sayed Taghi Derhami?

It upsets me to see Christian leaders like Richardson happy to condemn fundamentalist Christians like Tamaki but total cowards when it comes to highlighting and condemning Muslim leaders and Islamic ideology and law. Brian Tamaki, for example, may say horrible things about homosexuals but he does not support a Christian law that states that the punishment for being gay is death. In contrast in Islamic nations like Iran, men are hanged for the crime of being gay under Sharia law and most Muslim leaders in New Zealand promote and support Sharia law which means that they promote and support executing homosexuals!

Let that sink in for one minute.

Now ask yourself why Archbishop Philip Richardson is focussing on hurtful words from a harmless fundamentalist fool rather than on leaders of an ideology that has at its very heart a legal system that condemns homosexuals to death?

Homosexuals Hanged in open roads of Iran for being Gay- SHARIA LAW strikes again! | The Rising Soul

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki’s reference to gay and lesbian clergy as “contamination” has been criticised by the Anglican Archbishop of New Zealand.

Archbishop Philip Richardson says it’s unacceptable to speak of anyone as a source of contamination, “and especially so for someone who seeks to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ”.

He says the leaders of the worldwide Anglican Church, in an communique issued at their meeting in Britain last year, condemned homophobic prejudice and violence.[…]

So they should be specifically condemning the teachings of Islam then and Sharia law as well as the actions of Islamic nations. Why aren’t they?




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