Aussie PM forced to get rude to try and break through Jacinda’s Cloak of Sanctimony

Jacinda Ardern has been given the brush-off from Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull over her bid to have more “substantive” talks with him about Manus Island refugees while in Manila.

What she got instead was discussion “in passing” with Turnbull during one of the waiting sessions at the East Asia Summit.

They agreed that their chiefs of staff should continue the discussion over breakfast on Tuesday.

Ardern was also the subject of some leaking by Australian authorities who have suggested that Ardern’s offer to take 150 refugees from Manus has stoked “chatter” of people smugglers to get to New Zealand as a soft touch.

It is understood that Australia wants to secure the US commitment to take up to 1250 Manus Island refugees, made by Barack Obama a year ago and reluctantly agreed to by Donald Trump – but that New Zealand’s offer is not off the table.

Ardern reacted angrily to suggestions that her offer – first made by John Key in 2013 – was encouraging people smugglers.

Anyone who tried to put at risk vulnerable people’s lives should come under the full force of the law, she told reporters in Manila covering the East Asia Summit.

“They must be stopped. New Zealand has played a role in trying to stop them.”

New Zealand had worked with Australia for a number of years to stop people smugglers and would continue to do so.

She said the reported “chatter” among people smugglers eager to try to get to New Zealand was nothing new.

It’s getting embarrassing now.  Jacinda Ardern is acting like an entitled princess that has Truth and Justice on her side.  She treats other world leaders like dirt because they don’t measure up to her ideal of being decent human beings.

Just one question… who is the foreign minister again?


– NZ Herald


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