Big Gerry says Jacinda has gone too far regarding Manus Island

Gerry Brownlee was shaping up to be a good Foreign Minister until Bill lost the election.

He was on Radio NZ yesterday morning talking about the ham-fisted and embarrassing manner in which Jacinda Ardern has been pushing the Manus Island issue.

National foreign spokesperson Gerry Brownlee has backed the Australian approach to asylum seekers who arrive by boat, saying criticism by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is a step too far.

Ms Ardern has come under fire from the Opposition for pressuring Australia over its treatment of asylum seekers on Manus Island. She has reiterated former Prime Minister John Key’s offer for New Zealand to take 150 refugees from Australian offshore detention centres on Manus and Nauru.

She has also pledged $3 million to Papua New Guinea and aid agencies to help care for the refugees holed up in the decommissioned camp on the island.

Australian media has recently reported four boatloads of asylum seekers bound for New Zealand had been turned around, but Ms Ardern told Morning Report yesterday she had received no intelligence briefings on such boats.

National Party’s Judith Collins said on Twitter it was staggering Ms Ardern, as “the Minister in charge of our nation’s security”, had either not had or not read briefings.

Mr Brownlee said Ms Ardern was amping up the response compared to the previous offer from National Party leaders.

“The real point is that we’re selecting refugees to come to New Zealand on the basis of their being would be a good fit for our country, but it still leaves Australia with a massive problem.

“And I think criticising them for dealing with people – that have gone through six countries in some cases trying to get to Australia to seek asylum or refugee status – is pretty harsh.

He said he did not doubt Australia would eventually accept New Zealand’s offer.

“I think that’s a possibility but you’ve got to let them go through that process.”

God, I hope not. They are ratbags, not true asylum seekers. They’ve short circuited legitimate processes and letting them in sends all the wrong signals.

Saying that it’s an unacceptable situation and Australia needs to live up to its international responsibilities etcetera, I think that’s a step too far.

“I think it tends to deny the problem that Australia’s got, so it’s not just the 400 people who are protesting on Manus Island.”

“They’re protesting because they don’t want to leave the facility which Australia is trying to close down and many of those, you’ll find, are not eligible to be considered refugees or asylum seekers so they’ve got other motives for creating the attention they have.”

And Jacinda Ardern with her virtue signalling is playing right into their ulterior motives.

However, he refused to go into how he might know many of those on Manus Island were not eligible.

He supported Australia’s stance on asylum seekers.

“I think you have, to because this is a country that takes five times the number of refugees that we do per capita, and is dealing with a serious problem, they’ve got big, big sea borders,” he said.

“Since those facilities opened there’s been no boat people coming or attempting to come to Australia since 2013.

Mr Brownlee said it was strange there were two parties in a coalition who had both campaigned on tightening up immigration to New Zealand but now were “getting very excited about taking any number of these refugees”.

“They’re all PR in the end, they’re all permanent residents in the end.”

I think Gerry got that last bit wrong…Jacinda IS all about PR…public relations.

Gerry is spot on about the strange anti-immigration stance that seems to have exceptions for bad wogs.

Immigration to NZ should be a privilege not a right. The problem with virtue-signalling tossers like Jacinda Ardern is that they are never around when the problems they imported manifest themselves.




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