The Cat would like your attention please

Friends today I am looking good and feline good. In fact, I am feline paw-some!

I’ve got my thinking cat on and I have worked out how to help Whaleoil to live long and pawspurr.

When SB told me that no one subscribed yesterday I said…


This is an amazing blog and the mix of entertainment and information is just PURRRRRFECT.

I told SB that?Cat-titude?is everything.


Let’s face it a world without Whaleoil would be clawful.

A subscription is a tiny price to pay

I used to read Left-wing blogs but they don’t like Cats with Chinky sounding names. Just look at this offensive meme that I found on one of their posts! Fur real.

Now I am a cat with very good breeding. In fact, I consider myself to be a pure bread cat so I know quality when I see it.

Now is the?mewment you have all been waiting for.

It is time for you to subscribe

?Paw-lease,?don’t give me any of your excuses.

With your support and the support of everyone else who reads Whaleoil every day, Whaleoil can continue to be?Meow-nificent

Don’t be lazy be?Cathletic?and exercise your finger by clicking on the link.

Creak open that wallet or purse of yours and dust off the credit or debit card.

It’s ONLY $2.30 a week.

I am sure you don’t need any more Purr-suasion.

But you will get faster loading times AND you will be ad-free

No more?Pro-cat-stination

Subscribe now

I am Paw-sitive?that you will not regret it.