Collecting “hate crime” data has no purpose other than to support a predetermined political narrative

The New Zealand Human Rights Commission is promoting once again for the collection of data on hate crime. Hate crime is a label that has not been defined and is almost impossible to define as it is incredibly subjective.

The quoted article states seem that collecting the data is the ” first step” but they do not say what it is the first step towards. I can tell you right now that collecting the data is not the first step towards a solution. It is the first step towards a political agenda to collect information to back up a predetermined narrative that they want to push. That narrative will be that New Zealand suffers from Islamophobia.


Muslim activists will be the ones helpfully providing examples to whatever body starts collecting the data. Overseas there has been lots of news coverage of fake Muslim hate crimes being reported.

Activists do their best to create a fake narrative about rampant Hate crimes against Muslims in order to take the focus off the increasing anti-Semitism in every Western country where the Muslim population increases. Trying to frame Muslims as the victims of hate crimes rather than the main perpetrators is the main goal of those behind the push for crimes to be recorded as hate crimes.

France is a prime example of what happens when a western country has a significant Muslim minority population.

    • Suburbs have become transformed into one of the most visible signs of the Islamization of France. Anti-Semitism is devouring the French Republic.
    • While Jewish symbols disappear from France, Islamic symbols proliferate, from burkinis on the beaches to veils in the workplace. Jews who have not fled France are trying to become “invisible”.
    • France’s suburbs are rapidly becoming apartheid societies. Hatred of Jews has become the gateway to “la France soumise” — the submission of France.


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