An easy one ticked off the To-Do list: Establish a tax working group

Ardern has decided to “spice things up” by introducing guests to her regular videos that Trump-like she uses to communicate directly with the public thereby cutting out the MSM.

Yesterday her Facebook video was about tax which her headline suggested she thought was a boring topic that not many people would be interested in.


Credit: Comrade Jacinda FB page

She couldn’t be more wrong. People are VERY interested in how badly the government will be robbing the middle and working classes to feed the refugees poor.

Below is an extract from the Whaleoil To-Do list for Jacinda in the first 100 days.

[…] 10. Hold a referendum on legalising cannabis for recreational use. (Green Party policy)

11. Reform the Reserve Bank Act (NZ First policy)

12.  Implement a ban on Foreigners buying houses

13. Come up with an alternative model to the original Water tax on farmers.

14. Draw up terms of reference for Labour’s tax working group.

14. Monitor progress toward carbon neutrality by 2050 […]

I look forward to the next video where we will hear how the Tax [working group] is having a very important [conversation] that we [absolutely] need to have. We will be told how she is [absolutely] committed to the [working group] discussing the issue of tax and that the [working group] will [try] to fulfil  promises to the [communidy] about sorting out a [fairer] tax scheme because the government needs the extra revenue because it is [absolutely] committed to getting children out of [poverdy] and into [warm dry homes.]




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