An ego the size of Texas …

… and an intellect the size of a pea, apparently.

It takes weapons-grade levels of infatuation with your own sense of self-worth to the universe to pull a stunt like the one Pharrell Williams just pulled.

[…] The Grammy-winning musician appeared in Shanghai this week to debut a song titled “100 Years,” which he described as “a postcard, a sarcastic one, to the people who should be ashamed to call themselves scientists and politicians.”

The song addresses those who deny climate change.[…]

[…] However, the targets of Williams’ song most likely won’t hear it: The song, a collaboration with the cognac brand Louis XIII, won’t be released for 100 years.[…]

Who, in 100 years, is going to give a fig for what Pharrell Williams felt about climate change?

[…] Williams spoke to a group of reporters and celebrities, many of whom had been flown to Shanghai for the event. […]

OK, so a group of reporters and celebrities have been flown around the world in carbon-belching airplanes for this vanity exercise.  Yup, that makes typical green-think hypocritical sense!

[…] At the exclusive pre-release, all guests were instructed to turn off their phones and lock them in bulky metal boxes so that no one could leak the song. Pharrell showed off the track he had recorded onto a record made from clay. Explaining that the record would be placed in a vault that was destructible only by water, he made a clear connection with climate change and rising sea levels.[…]

Ummm, a “pre-release” event for a track that will probably never be released? “Placed in a vault that was destructible only by water” to make a connection to sea level rise.  Did no one mention to Pharrell that tropical storms dump huge quantities of rain on Shanghai from time to time?

[…] “If we don’t, as a species, if we don’t do what we are supposed to do, we lose the track but we also lose the planet,” he said.[…]

What a tragedy, we lose this track!  Oh, and by the way – we also lost the planet – but it seems that is a secondary concern to Pharrell.

[…] The mood lightened when the audience watched as Williams attempted to play the record for the only time before its official release in 2117. After he struggled to get the record to play, participants wondered whether anyone in 100 years would know how to play the record — if it survives.

After playing the track, Williams emphasized: “Normal lies are not normal, so don’t normalize them.” […]

“Normal lies are not normal, so don’t normalize them.” – Dwell on that gem for a while, it will improve your life.


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Dr Seuss may have been describing WH when he wrote, “He was shortish. And oldish. And brownish. And mossy. And he spoke with a voice that was sharpish and bossy.”  WH, however, is tallish and only just fits in his MG.