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The Green Party’s Chloe Swarbrick has admitted she feels “pretty gross” about the amount politicians are paid.

“I think politicians in regard to the rest of society are overpaid and I feel pretty gross about it,” Ms Swarbrick said.

The Green Party MP did defend her $160,000 salary to a degree though, saying it’s also important to realise the job can be a pretty expensive one.

“With all the travel I have recently done you don’t get to go home and cook, you finish work at 10 or 11 at night then you have to go out and find some food,” she said.

Ms Swarbrick says she also likes to support the local community by spending some of her earnings at school fairs, while also helping out family with their finances.

As 23 year old she has never earned that much.  And I mean earned in the sense of putting the hours in and producing that much value.

If she thinks her work isn’t worth that much, she can always give it to people or causes she feels are more in need than she is.  Or, she can put the kind of work in that she feels makes the income justified.

Just because she can’t figure out how she is worth $160k to the taxpayer doesn’t mean other MPs don’t deliver that back in spades.   For one, she’s a list MP.

Perhaps there is an argument that list MPs should be paid a lot less.  $70-80k sounds right to me.


– One News


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