Feminist double standards

No one does sanctimony, hypocrisy and double standards like a feminist. Add in the fact that she is a journalist and you really start to wonder about the motivations.

Ms Cuming is clearly out to ‘get’ Mr Bunting and claim a scalp in the name of 4th wave feminism.

This story is yet another example of ‘do as I say, and not as I do’.

It appears that Ms Cuming is guilty of some shocking double standards.   

Only earlier this month, she was guilty of stalking a man in local park, taking photos of him and then broadcasting them to the world on Twitter (on 4th Nov) for the purpose of sexual objectification.

She’s been widely called out on social media for her apparent double standards, but she is strangely silent on the issue.

Note that one of the commenters on her Twitter account is Mary Ann Gill, an elected Waikato DHB member. You can bet your bottom dollar that if this had been a male councillor (or any male for that matter) taking photos of women in parks for a similar purpose, all hell would break loose, the police would be called, they’d be sacked etc etc.

Why does Ms Cuming, who is also in the public eye and in a position of influence and responsibility, manage to get away with this?

Why the double standards, complaining about a lewd joke but at the same time objectifying a bloke exercising at a playground?

Will anyone in the media, or indeed TVNZ follow up Ms Cuming for her double standards?




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