Free study, free living allowance – this Government delivers the student bribe


The Government’s first 100 days programme includes introducing a $50 a week boost to both student allowances and loan entitlements for living costs and making the first year of tertiary education fees-free from 1 January 2018.

“Today we are announcing the first of these policies is in place as promised. This will make more than 130,000 students $50 a week better off.

“From 1 January, student allowance base rates and the maximum amount students can borrow for living costs will rise by a net $50 a week,” says Education Minister Chris Hipkins. “Where the allowance rate reflects the living costs of two adults, the increase will be $100 net a week.”

“Allowance payments for single students aged under 24 and living away from home, for example, will rise from $177.03 to $227.03. The maximum amount that students can borrow will rise from $178.81 to $228.81.

So $227.03 per week free, and $228.81 per week that goes on the free student loan, that adds up to a reasonable amount for someone sharing one room in a flat with a share in electricity and Internet.

Love to know who’s going to pay for it all.

Grant Robertson can’t tell us.  We’ll have to wait to see if he’ll borrow, tax or a bit of both.

One way or another, Labour are starting a new generation of people that will get a Fine Arts degree to go work as an admin clerk somewhere.   All paid for by people who actually work for a living.

What should concern all of us is a Government that’s spending money like a drunken sailor while having absolutely no clue where such money will continue to come from after they’ve spent National’s one-time surplus.


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