Google as Good, Google as God

Google struggles with the truth so de-ranks certain sources in case those of us with a delicate constitution get corrupted.? How kind!

OK, it?s from?Russia Today?so you should of course not trust it but somehow?this video and text?and the man in it seems quite factual, not fake and obviously not omitted.

It documents that?Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of?Alphabet?? an American multinational conglomerate that owns a lot and among them Google ? is working on ?de-ranking? alleged propaganda outlets such as Russia Today, RT ? the world?s third largest television network ? and Sputnik.[…]

Playing God

This very powerful corporate leader with a open political orientation [ heavily involved with Hillary’s campaign] has decided?- as will be seen 58 seconds into the video ? that the Internet and his hugely dominating search engine a) shall cave in to political pressure, b) de-rank at least these two Russian media organizations because c) he knows they?are??propaganda outlets? (it isn?t discussed at all or compared with US or other countries? media) and d) in the name of political correctness it is OK to limit the freedom of opinion-formation.

In fact, he says in a few words that he ? well, not he himself but a computer program and mechanism called an algorithm ? shall decide what you are I shall be able to find. Google as Good, Google as God.[…]

[…]It?s Russia?s media. And naturally you ask: Whose [sic] next? And where does that end? (?Wherever they burn books, in the end will also burn human beings.? ? Heinrich Heine).

Obvious human rights violation

This type of political paternalism is not only totally unethical and foolish, it?s a violation of human rights. It cannot be defended with the argument that other countries and media outlets also use propaganda. The Western world ? the U.S. in particular ? calls itself ?the free world? and gladly, without the slightest doubts, fights and kills to spread that freedom around the world and has done so for decades.

We humans have right to information without interference ? at least if international law counts.?Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?states states that ?Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.?

You abuse power, Mr. Schmidt

Mr Schmidt, you are blatantly and clearly interfering in the rights of millions, if not billions, to know. To seek information. To shape their opinions.

With your few words you abuse your almost unlimited digital, political, economic and ?defence? power ? much much worse than if you had sexually abused just one woman for which older men today are fired or choose to resign.

This has to be stated irrespective of whether we like or dislike Russia and its media. That is?not?the issue here. This has to be fought against because it is slippery slope, Mr Schmidt.

You ought to stand up and use your powers with principles and vision: To protect the Internet against every and each reduction of freedom. Freedom for all, also the fake news-makers however we define them. Yes, there is another solution for that problem and it is not your paternalism.

It just cannot be for you to decide what is good for others and collect data about us all which is only good for you.

Has the West really become so insecure about itself?

Censorship ? de-ranking ? and information warfare is not the solution to anything. A strong society or culture that believes in its own moral value and vitality does not censor. Dictatorships ? ?regimes? ? do.

Mr. Schmidt has much more power than many state leaders but he is not up to it and how would he be able to?re-rank themes and media again in the future.

Has the West, the US and Western culture become so weak, so trembling at the sight of the global future and so morally deranged that it cannot live with ? does not believe it can compete factually and intelligently with ? other views? With fake? With propaganda by others? If so, that is where the Soviet Union was in the early 1980s. And if so, watch the writing of the Western walls!

Education and trust

There are much better solutions ? if you think. Mr. Schmidt may also google them?

It?s?education?? education of young and old to learn to identify what is trustworthy and what is not. Learning to learn on the Internet. It is?dialogue?and it is?dignity?? instead of succumbing to the lowest of levels that he accuses others of being at.

And there is more solutions.

Making democracy, freedom and human rights?stronger?? by?believing in human beings, their intelligence and solidarity. When Google de-ranks, it de-humanises. It offends the intelligence of the world?s users of the Google search engine.

It sinks to the low level where fakers and liars are ? devoid of morals but passionate about selling a particular message even if totally unfounded.[…]


-Strategic Culture