What happened to all the relentless positividdy?

credit: SB Whaleoil

Ardern’s campaign strategy of “relentless positivity” was naive at best, if not deluded.

Play nice idealism is all very well, but you also need mongrel and a killer instinct in your arsenal, in the rough and tumble of politics.


credit: SB Whaleoil

‘Relentless’ is generally a negative term: ‘relentless rain, relentless suffering’ etc. One would not commonly refer to ‘relentless good weather’ or ‘relentless happiness’. The same is true of ‘relentlessly positive’. It sounds incongruous, fake.

To illustrate her relentless positivity, Jacinda Ardern smiled relentlessly during her interview with Jessica Mutch on yesterday’s Q &A. That seemed incongruous too, with ‘fake’ not far behind.


credit: SB Whaleoil

Ardern does not seem to be enjoying her job very much. Her “relentless positividdy” seems to be running out.


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