Headline: How Bill English will fight back

This was Stuff’s headline:

The article isn’t much better:

Bill English has wasted no time in going on the offensive, saying the new Government is set to “fritter away” the country’s good financial position.

On Tuesday, the National Party leader did his first round of morning show appearances since handing in his resignation as Prime Minister.

English jumped into the boots of Opposition Leader, a role where he said he would be “holding the Government to account”.

He told RNZ?his party would be a “strong, organised, and focused” Opposition.

Yeah so organised they didn’t have a caucus meeting yesterday.

I have a feeling that the way Bill English will fight back will be a combination of these three styles:



Meanwhile all Jacinda Ardern has to do is say something along these lines:

‘Such a shame Bill cant be positive, I believe NZ can be a better place and Bill spent the last 9 years telling us we couldn’t’

There is nothing sadder than seeing a punch drunk old fighter trying for one last purse…only to be flattened by someone much less skilled but far more energetic.