Judginess? Grow up, you’re the Prime Minister

Jacinda Arern is becoming more and more stupid. She is even inventing new words…words that the left would have criticised John Key for uttering.

The latest is “judginess”.

Asked about deputy Labour Party leader Kelvin Davis’ performance in the House last week while she and deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters were overseas, she said he had done “absolutely everything [she] had asked him to do”.

His performance had been labelled a “train wreck”, and that he relied on help from other Labour MPs to answer questions.

Ms Ardern said it was “not uncommon” for an acting Prime Minister to get help answering questions.

“Three weeks in I think there is a bit of judginess flying around.”

Judginess? You are the government, start acting like one.

The man is a fool, that is my judgment. He is a legitimate target, he was the acting PM, he’s the deputy leader of Labour and he gobbed off for years when in Opposition.

It isn’t “judginess”, it is holding to account.

With this sort of carry on from Ardern and Davis I think I might tell the story about how he got elected…then we will see the “judginess” come out…from the left, about how he actually beat Hone Harawira in 2014. I don’t think they’ll like what they hear…not one little bit.

I think the time is right.

Meanwhile, Jacinda Ardern is becoming more and more like Private Pike in Dad’s Army, and Winston is going to have to go all Captain Mainwaring on her soon.




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