Learn to speak Jacinderease in one easy lesson

Credit: SB Whaleoil


The language of obfuscation:

Words that make an answer, vague, unclear, unintelligible or that avoid answering the question altogether.

Jacinderease is a language easily learned as it is full of bumper sticker slogans. The secret to speaking fluent Jacinderease is to have a relentlessly positive tone when speaking (or as Jacinda calls it, “relentless positividdy”)



Question: Please tell us Prime Minister how you are going to meet your government’s target to build 25 houses a day?


Answer: This is a very important [conversation] that we need to have. I am [absolutely] committed to establishing a [working group] to discuss this issue and we will [try]to fulfil our promises to the [communidy.] As you know I am totally committed to getting children out of [poverdy] and into a [warm dry home.]

**Bonus word:




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