Loaded headline of the week


The above headline is: scurrilous, vituperative, derogatory, disparaging, denigratory , pejorative , deprecatory, insulting, offensive, defamatory, slanderous, libellous, scandalous, opprobrious, vitriolic and venomous,

It is an example of the worst kind of journalism. It taints and smears President Trump by trying to link him to a story not related to him. It plants in the reader’s mind the idea that it is only a matter of time before there is a sex scandal about Trump.

Meanwhile, Democrat-supporting so-called liberal men are falling like flies as the Hollywood sex scandals gather momentum like a snowball rolling down the hill. The media made a huge fuss about the “grab them by the pussy” story about Trump despite no woman actually being harmed. In Trump’s case, it was a private comment among friends long before he became president.

The powerful men of Hollywood on the other hand not only allegedly sexually harassed, molested or raped women they used their power over them to keep what happened out of the news and the courts. It is so ironic that at the moment America’s rich and powerful liberal males are the ones who have been revealed to be ones who actually grab women by the pussy.



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