The Manus Island people are the dregs of the rioters and troublemakers

Advice from someone who knows first hand: ?Do not take these people.

A New Zealand man who worked at the Manus Island refugee detention facility is warning the government against taking any refugees, saying the ones still at the centre are dangerous men.

Ian, who only wants his first name used, worked as a security guard at Manus Regional Processing Centre for 18 months, and said about eight incidents of violence, threats and illegal behaviour were recorded each day.

There were numerous refugees who had integrated into the community, some who even married, and did not pose a danger. But the ones who remain at the centre and have refused to leave after Australia closed it earlier this month, are people New Zealanders should fear, he told Checkpoint with John Campbell.

?We know what these people are capable of, we know there?s footage on hard drives that they?ve got of child pornography, etcetera. They are not the calibre of people you want to come into a country and try and re-establish themselves.

?The people who have transitioned out to the community, quite possibly not a problem – but the ones that remain would be a major issue.

?They are fearing for their safety for a very good reason, they are the ones that have caused all the problems in the local community.?

Some have allegedly raped the locals, others have allegedly been involved in?aggravated?assault. ?Most of them have come to that point in life through dishonesty, crime and physical intimidation.

I have no idea what Jacinda thinks she is doing here. ?She can still play Fairy God Mother by pretending to be Angelina Jolie and go shopping for some nice people elsewhere in the world.

Doesn’t Jacinda care enough about?us? ? What about the duty us to keep us safe from harm?