Martyn Martin is definitely a Glass half empty guy

If you want to feel good about an inevitable end to the world as we know it, then Mr Bradbury has a pep talk for you.

It’s difficult to know what will hit us first, the Economic Armageddon or Environmental apocalypse caused by our dangerously warming climate.

I suspect they will both combine to create something beyond our scope to deal with….

Anyway you want to look at it, the immediate future looks bleak, so what should a Left wing Government on these far away Shaky Isles do about it?

First of all, let’s appreciate the beauty and luck of our distance.

It’s near impossible for refugees to climb into boats and flee here successfully, we have a globally low debt to GDP ratio and we have enough fertile land to feed ourselves.

In short, the tyranny of our distance is going to end up being what saves us while the planet goes into meltdown.

Government will need to look to step in to bail the dairy industry out and help with conversions from dairy farms into growing trees, it will also need to extend that protectionism to first time home buyers who will get swamped by steep interest rate hikes.

Rapid moves to self sustainable energy supplies will be required and a Universal Basic Income will become necessary.

Self sufficiency from power generation to home vegetable gardens will become cultural norms.

This would be a perfect time to allow real advancement of new industries to replace farming like synthetic food production and green technology that is focused on adaptation.

A crisis is an opportunity. Once people see how capitalism has failed them they will demand a difference approach from the new Government, it will be up to the new Government to have the vision to see those demands through.

When the left isn’t nasty, they are miserable.

When things get tough, we need people that have ideas.  We need people that want to fix things.  We need people that never give up.

I’m not sure that describes this government.


– The Daily Blog


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