To Merkel: “Send Refugees Back to Syria”. Merkel invites their families instead

‘Refugees’ in Germany wave ISIS flag

Before you get all smug and think this is Germany’s problem.  I’d like to remind you we have our own mini-Merkel in the making.

The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is calling for the repatriation of half a million Syrian refugees living in Germany, saying the imminent defeat of Islamic State makes the Arab country safe to return to. The party will be tabling a motion to this effect in the parliament next week, German media reports.

Exactly.  No more ISIS.  Send them back.  Get them to re-build their own country. 

Far from repatriating the Syrian refugees, Chancellor Merkel – yet to conclude her coalition negotiations – is pushing for a ‘compassionate’ family reunion policy that will allow Syrian asylum seekers to bring their families to Germany.

Earlier this year, the AfD party ran on the campaign promise to fight Chancellor Merkel’s ‘refugee’ policy, winning 13 percent of the vote and becoming the third-largest party in the parliament.

Considering the fact that the AfD party hold just 92 votes of the 700-odd Bundestag seats, its upcoming parliamentary motion calling for the repatriation of Syrian refugees is most likely to fail. By challenging Chancellor Merkel’s migrant policy on the floor of the parliament, however, the party might have an opportunity to ignite a long-overdue national debate that the media and the political elite have been working to suppress.

Can you fathom this?  Even though I don’t support what Germany has done in and around the issue of ‘refugees’, you’d think that they would at least recognise that when the threat was over, those that were displaced by war can go back home.

But no, Merkel wants to introduce legislation so they can bring their extended families over as well.

Oddly enough, the German media and the majority of voters think this is an excellent idea.

New Zealand is facing a similar danger:  vicarious feelings of do-goodery by supporting a Prime Minister that’s not grounded in reality.


– Truth Revolt


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