Mr Speaker Trevor Mallard wants our parliament to be for everyone, even radical Muslims

The Speaker of the House is defending a decision to drop references to the Queen and Jesus from Parliamentary prayer.
It was read in Te Reo by Trevor Mallard on Thursday, despite consultation to do so still underway.

But he told RadioLIVE’s Your Sunday it will be discussed widely with caucus.

“It’s been quite a strong view amongst a significant number of members who feel we should have a prayer which people with a variety of different deities can accept,” he says.

While Mr Mallard has already adopted the revised version, MPs remain divided on the subject.

Apart from the argument that traditions are traditions for the sake of having been done for a long time, normally you need a good reason before you start dicking around with them.

In this case, constitutionally, the Queen is the boss of our parliament.  Until that changes, she better still be part of the deal.  One day, when we have a republic and a new national anthem, we can stop referring to the Queen.  No Queen, no governor general.  No GG, not swearing in of parliament.  No parliament no speaker.

Don’t be a **** Mallard.

Next.  The prayer.  We are a Judeo Christian country living on Judeo Christian principles.  The Queen (remember her?) happens to be the head of the Anglican church.  But taken to the extreme, Trevor is saying he also wants to make sure the prayer can work for people who worship Buddha, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Voodoo, and Allah.  The same Allah that ISIS is killing people for.

I would have thought when you’re new to the job, you settle in first.  You get the lie of the land.  And then you might look at changing things.

As for Te Reo, my Maori mates tell me he murdered it so badly, that even though it’s virtue signalling and they don’t mind a nod from parliament in principle, they really wish he would never do that again.  It was that bad.

Typical bully Mallard though.   Does it and then says he will consult on change.  No, you won’t.  You’ve already changed it.  And you have neither the authority nor the mandate.


– Newshub


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