This is why we must close down all Salafist Mosques in New Zealand

The New York terrorist’s mosque promoted a Salafist site that advocated violence against Jews, women and gays.

Islam Q&A or Islam Question & Answer ( is run by Islamic scholar Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid. The site is said to be the most popular Salafist (ultra-fundamentalist Islamic) website in the Arab speaking world. Al-Munajjid created the site to answer people?s questions from an Islamic viewpoint. Many of the answers provided by the site are unspeakably bigoted and violent in nature.

Salafism is the sect that is well known for radicalising people and turning them into terrorists. In 2012 Salafist Iman Abu Abdullah attempted to take control of the Avondale Islamic centre right here in New Zealand.

Abu Abdullah has been barred from the Avondale Islamic Centre. Photo / Dean Purcel

A Muslim priest and his supporters have been barred from an Auckland mosque […]

Sheikh Abu Abdullah, a Salafist imam, spent the night in a police cell last Thursday after he allegedly breached a trespass notice by the NZ Muslim Association barring him from entering the Avondale Islamic Centre.

Mr Abdullah is facing two charges of wilful trespass and is due to appear in court on March 30.

[…] About 30 of Mr Abdullah’s supporters, including a second imam, have also been barred from the mosque.

Mr Abdullah follows the Salafi strand of Islam, while most on the association’s board and many of the mosque’s 400 members follow the more moderate Hanafi or Shafi’i strand of the faith.

A letter from the Muslim association’s lawyers to the lawyers acting for Mr Abdullah’s supporters said they had tried to take over the mosque.

Association president Haider Lone said that the board did not want Mr Abdullah as leader.

Mr Lone said security had been stepped up at the mosque with entrances being secured with metal gates after doors had been hacked and locks broken since Mr Abdullah’s ban.

FIANZ refuse to acknowledge the tolerant and peaceful Ahmadiyya Muslim Community as Muslims even though the Ahmadiyya community is the leading Islamic organization to categorically reject?terrorism?in any form. Their community is not allowed to be a member of FIANZ and share in the profits from Halal certification but violent and fundamentalist Salafists are allowed to be members as they are recognised by FIANZ as “true Muslims.”

When we exposed Salafist preacher Sheikh Dr Anwar Sahib on Whaleoil he was acting as the secretary of the Ulama ( religious advisory board) for FIANZ. After our exposure and continued?pressure, he was permanently stood down from the position but July this year he was hosted by Victoria University who allowed him to take part in a?Da?wah?Training course on how to deliver Islam the right way.

Phill Goff and anti-semitic, misogynist, Salafist preacher Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib

Our government should refuse to hand over any further halal money until FIANZ undertake to expel all Salafist members from their organisation. Our new government should declare that Salafists are members of a hate group and because of their links to terrorism are not allowed to have mosques in New Zealand.

In 2016 Nicolas Pirsoul wrote an article for the NZ Herald warning of the rise of the “extreme form of Islam” in New Zealand.

[…] it is important to recognise the existence of a problem and not to underestimate it. The recent hate speech controversy, involving a cleric from the at-Taqwa mosque in Manukau, is only the tip of the iceberg and follows a well-established pattern of other events involving Salafi clerics preaching in New Zealand, such as Egyptian cleric Sheikh Abu Abdullah a couple of years ago. It would be na?ve to think that our nation’s Sunni oriented mosques are immune to Salafi ideology and its intolerant and sometimes violent interpretation of Islam.

It would equally be na?ve to believe that New Zealand is free from economic ties with the Saudi Kingdom, as the controversial Saudi farm deal recently underlined. The extent to which these economic ties influence the ideological makeup of Islam in New Zealand is uncertain.

It is important that New Zealand does not imitate the leniency of other Western nations towards these issues.

-NZ Herald